The Jeep® Avenger stars in "Concentrated Freedom" digital series

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    • Jeep® presents the first of a three-episode digital series chronicling the compelling features of the Avenger - brand's first all-electric SUV - on official Jeep youtube channel.
    • The episode, “Move”, is now live and features the influencers Rabea Schif and Leonardo Fioravanti, engaging in the values of freedom and fun which are built into Jeep’s DNA.
    • The episode features Jeep® Avenger state-of-the-art technology for a connected driving experience with long range* and an easy and fast charging**.
    • Pre-booking is opened for Jeep Avenger 1st Edition – an exclusive eye-catching, fully-equipped version.

    Jeep® presents the first episode of “Concentrated Freedom”, a digital series entirely dedicated to the new Jeep Avenger, the first ever all-electric Jeep SUV. Created by Lunartic Productions, the episodes will feature some famous influencers who will unveil the Jeep Avenger’s features in an original and entertaining way. The first episode, “Move”, has been released and is available on YouTube at this link

    Fun and exciting, the new SUV is aimed at active lifestyle people looking for a 100% electric vehicle with modern design, compact dimensions and spacious interiors, but characterized by Jeep DNA wich offers a unique combination of capability, style, functionality, and technology to satisfy the needs of ever-connected customers.

    Rabea Schif - German presenter, creative consultant, and fashion expert - will accompany influencers in the three episodes. She will go on an adventure filled with music, freedom, and fun. The ideal companion for this adventure could only be the new Jeep Avenger. A pure expression of “concentrated freedom”, it encapsulates, in a compact SUV, electrification and advanced technology. Thanks to an autonomy range of up to 400km up to 550km in city range* and an easy, fast charging mode**, it is the perfect tool for a modern customer who looks for a silent, fun and pleasant driving freedom.

    The first episode takes place in the fascinating setting of the Dolomites. It starts off in two distinct but connected settings. In the first scene Leonardo Fioravanti, one of Europe’s most talented surfers and lover of nature - selected to compete for Italy in the Tokyo Olympic Games - is excited about Jeep road trip. At the same time, the episode introduces the audience to Rabea, as she drives the new Jeep Avenger and heads toward Leonardo. These two distinct ways of conceiving freedom – the freedom to drive anywhere and the freedom to feel comfortable in nature – come together and create a strong connection.

    Then, the road trip begins which leads the two protagonists to get to know each other and discover the many features of the new Jeep Avenger: from Level 2 autonomous driving to advanced safety and connectivity systems. In addition, the new SUV ensures a fully digital on-board experience thanks to a 20.5-inches total displays surface area, which helps to keep all on-board info under control. It also offers a suite of services and functionalities that users can take advantage of remotely. Thanks to the Jeep Mobile App, for example, Rabea and Leo find the nearest charging station where a pleasant surprise awaits them: charging will be really quick and easy. In fact, the Jeep Avenger has a new generation electric propulsion system which combines a new electric motor and a new battery. Using a 100 kW Mode 4 cable in direct current connected to fast public charge, three minutes of charge is enough to provide a travel distance of 30 km. Also, 24 minutes are sufficient to charge the batteries from 20 to 80% charge. In addition, the 54 kWh battery ensures a range of 400 km in the WLTP cycle, which becomes 550 km in the urban cycle.

    Opened on October 17, there is a pre-booking initiative dedicated to the new Jeep Avenger 1st Edition – an exclusive, fully equipped and full electric, eye-catching configuration which in Italy and Spain only will also be available with a turbo petrol engine. It is a ‘can’t-miss’ opportunity as those who express their interest online through the pre-booking will be the first ones able to order it and, therefore, drive it.

    More information about the new Avenger pre-booking initiative is available at Jeep Official websites.

    *Autonomy Jeep® Avenger full-electric range: 408-385 Km. Values defined according to the WLTP combined cycle, measured by the manufacturer on pre-approval tests and which may be subject to change following final type approval. Important: the actual autonomy may be strongly different and may vary according to options, conditions of use of the car (driving style, speed, total weight, etc., use of certain equipment air conditioning, heating, etc., tire types, road conditions, external climatic conditions). Further specific and detailed information about electric autonomy of Jeep® Avenger and the various factors influencing such electric autonomy please always refer to the Jeep official website as soon as the vehicle will be available.

    **Jeep Avenger is equipped with a CCS (Combined Charging Sytem) Combo 2 plug supporting up to 100 kW DC fast charging which can allow the vehicle to recharge the 54kWh battery from 0 to 80% State of Charging (SoC) in 34 minutes. Important: on the basis of the pre-approval values actual charging times of the battery may be strongly different and may vary according to environmental and network conditions and type of charge (type of plug, wall box, AC charging station and DC charging station). For further information about the charging cycle of Avenger and the various factors influencing charging times please always refer to the Jeep official website as soon as the vehicle will be available.

    Turin, October 21, 2022

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